A workshop performance of Bad Water, True West or Between Myself the Crickets and the Coyote written and directed by Amanda Horowitz premiered July 14 & July 15, 2022 at Bad Water. 

The adapted script rides off the vapors of Sam Shepard, channeling the wise crackles and nervous energy into a theater of fool, worms and toaster.

Two drag kings feel their way through codependecy and competition as their wise crackles and loose-lipped puns heat the theater which is now rhythmic and overgrown. Lost in the sea of otherness, they perform home-magic-rituals, recite socialist manifestos, and eventually shoot the shit to the other side. Everything is a little dangerous, like a toaster that starts a brush fire, or an entertainer that becomes possessed by bravado.

The piece was performed by Sophia Cleary and Ada Friedman. Beaux Mendes joined as the “plein-air painter”, to live-paint the narrative as it was being perfromed.