Love Letters
Anna Buckner
February 2019

“Love Letters is a conversation between not quite quilts and a not quite barn. The patterns of the wrapped, woven and pieced quilt paintings respond to the multi-plywood walls in a play of grids, geometries and textures. Pulled over a support, the fabrics swell and warp, becoming re-embodied memories.”

Serpent’s Quarters
Eleanor Aldrich
January 2019

“Aldrich’s work is textural and alchemical. She matches materials – often industrial sealants – and techniques to the subject matter they resemble in order to achieve a convincing approximation while short-cutting rendering. Utilizing unruly materials, the substances Aldrich manipulates retain partial control over their final form — interrupting illustration and retaining the truth of their physical nature

Sister Genus
Colleen Billing
November 2018

“Recently proven to cleanse fuel-contaminated soil, vetiver roots hold a strain of bacteria responsible for the production of an aroma often used in commercial perfume. Billing explores the plant as a metonym for growth in toxic times, examining the relationship between ecological destruction and collaborative survival.”

True Self
Perrin Turner
December 2018

Much like Follow the Drinking Gourd’s purpose as a map song pointing slaves towards True North, the sculptures in True Self function as points of light that invoke and reinterpret the spirit of Black self determination via the route of imagination; a guiding force at work in a perpetually unfolding story.”