LOVE LETTERS is a conversation between not quite quilts and a not quite barn. The patterns of the wrapped, woven and pieced together quilt paintings respond to the multi-plywood walls in a play of grids, geometries and textures. Pulled over a support, the fabrics swell and warp, becoming re-embodied memories. In her piecework quilt paintings, Buckner explores the limits of existing structures and systems of logic. By studying grid patterns inherent within the natural world, painting, language, technology and textiles, Buckner aims to disrupt these systems to create space for new visual and poetic possibilities.  

Anna Bucker (b. 1989 | Greensboro, NC) lives and works in Lansing, Michigan. She received her MFA from Indiana University, Bloomington. Buckner attended Design Inquiry in Vinalhaven, ME in 2018 and Unlisted Projects in Austin, TX in 2017.  Recent exhibitions include Approximately (Indianapolis, IN), What the Water Does (Austin, TX),  Restraint and Limitation (Lincoln, NE), Log Cabin (Lansing, MI), and Swatch (Ithaca, NY).